Children love to explore. They love to investigate every nook and cranny of a new house or a new garden or a new cupboard. They love to prospect the vegetable patch for slugs and snails and worms. They love to hunt for treasure, play dress ups and figure out just exactly which stick makes the best fairiy wand or pirates sword.

When encouraged to explore, children become confident in their abilities to investigate, examine and achieve. This is what we witness every single day in our private kindergarden. Children making little discoveries and through these discoveries, they have victories all of their very own.

Why are we different?
We’re different because we are a centre that is focused on learning in a natural environment. When you send your child to Natures Explorers, you send him or her to a centre that is not driven by a bottom line or a corporate head office. Because of this, your child will be sitting on real wooden chairs and working on real wooden tables. They will run through real grass, capture real bugs, pick real fruit from our real trees and even go on nature walks once a week. When you send your child to us, he or she will have every opportunity to experience a programme and learning environment where they will develop a love of discovery, inquiry and problem solving.

Parents and children love our kindy – check out our parent testimonials page and click enrol to organise a visit where we can discuss your needs.