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Creative minds

Here at Natures Explorers we encourage creativity in all forms whether through making last night's dinner out of play dough, learning how to draw shapes or refurbishing the doll's house.Recently the children have painted large pictures, all with differing images. When prompted children have shared their creation with us and a vast array of images emerge. Rollercoasters, my family, a camel and a stick.When children feel like it they can sit and play in our open art area and enjoy the different re...

September 14, 2016

Popcorn popping

We have heaps of learning projects planned throughout the coming year and the start of 2016 has already seen lots mini projects emerging.  One of these has been around cooking and creating in the kitchen.Popcorn has been popping, pizzas created, fruit sliced and diced into salads and icecream made from scratch.  Luca organised a shared lunch for us and wrote a beautiful invitation illustrating her wonderfully developing literacy skills.Cooking at kindergarten provides amazing lear...

January 8, 2016

Literacy focus for 2016

You will notice in the front foyer there is a children’s sign in register.If your child is interested please support them to write their name when they arrive at kindergarten.  The first letter is a capital letter and subsequent letters are lower case.  It’s okay if children don’t get it right in the beginning.The process is important and our focus is to ensure children are holding the pencil correctly and developing an interest in literacy.  Drawing and painting a...

December 30, 2015

Mathematics is fun!

We love introducing mathematical concepts to preschoolers using challenging and fun games.This year we will continue to invite children to play lots of matching games where they use their memories to find sets of two and count how many sets they have.There are many wonderful games that you can purchase or you could make a matching game for home.  It’s really important that we make numbers fun and exciting for our young mathematical learners.Maths On The RunRather than taking the ‘sit do...

October 8, 2015

Christmas fun in nature


December 5, 2014

Does your child suffer from Nature's Deficit Disorder?

Do you remember the days when we really connected with nature?  As a child, my brother, cousins and I were always outdoors.  So were our neighbour’s kids and the kids from the rest of our community.   We were keen explorers, always investigating the boundaries of our properties and well beyond.My own favourite memories include climbing the largest tree in our neighbourhood and making a tree hut which consisted of an old door, Dad’s beer crates and any other scraps of wood...

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